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Fassil Ethiopian Restaurant
The Best Ethiopian Cuisine in Vancouver


Vegetreian Dishes
kik Wot
Split peas are stewed with onion, garlic and
blend of mild Ethiopian herbs.
Misr Wot
 Split lentils are stewed with onion, garlic and blend of
hot Ethiopian herbs and spicy berbere sauce.
Chopped collard greens simmered in a mild sauce
of oil, onion and Ethiopian herbs.
 Delicious curried vegetable stew made with carrots,
potatoes, cabbage, peppers and onions.
Roasted and powdered chick peas (Shuro) are simmered in
our unique and spicy berbere sauce with vegetable oil
Timatim Fitfit
Fresh chopped tomatoes ,onions, green peppers and
Ethiopian Dressing mixed with pieces of injera
 Chopped Fresh Lettuce ,tomatoes, onions and green chili
 in oil and lemon dressing.

Beef Dishes

Steak tartar-freshly minced extra lean beef seasoned
with mitmita (spiced chili powder) and herbed butter
sauce. Traditionally served medium rare or well done
Gored Gored
Tender sauteed beef filet cubed in a blend of spices,
herbs , butter sauce and spicy berbere sauce.
Yeberie Tibs
Sautéed beef with butter sauce, onions, green peppers,
or jalapeños and spicy berbere sauce.
Key Wot
Cubed Beef stew simmered in red pepper sauce,
onion, seasoned with ginger root, garlic, and berbere.
Minchet Abish
 Lean beef grounded and cooked in with a tasty combination of herbs and seasoned with ginger, garlic and berbere.
Key Wot Firfir
Key Wot mixed with pieces of injera.


Lamb Dishes
Derek Tibs
Well-done lamb chunks fried with onion, green-
pepper, butter sauce and ethiopian spices

Zil Zil Tibs
Strip of tender Lamb sauteed in purified butter,
seasoned with onions, green pepper, fresh rosemary
Yebeg Alicha Fitfit (Kikel)
Tender pieces of lamb cooked so tender with bones
stewed with seasoned butter, onion, garlic, and ginger
and fresh jalapeno pepper and mixed with pieces of injera

Fish Dishes
Asa Tibs

Fish of the day grilled with onion, green chilies , bell pepper and butter sauce .Delicately seasoned with Ethiopian herbs and spice


Doro Wot
Tender chicken leg or thigh marinated in lemon sauteed
in seasoned butter and stewed in red pepper sauce, flavored with onions garlic, ginger root , pinch of cardamom, and spicy berbere sauce. Topped with boiled egg

Doro Tibs

Tender Boneless, skinless cubed chicken breast sauteed
in a special blend of spices and braised in onions , green pepper and purified butter.

Yedoro Wot Firfir Dorot Wot
mixed with pieces of injera. Chiken leg, thigh and boiled egg

Combination Orders

Fassil's Vegitarian Combo

A combination of Kik wot ,Alicha. Misr wot, Gomen

Fassil's Meat Combo
A combination of Kitffo , Gored Gored and Key wot

Fassil's Combo
A combination of Alicha, Keye wot , misr wot and kik wot

All entrees served with Injera

Injera is not only a kind of bread it’s also an
eating utensil.In Ethiopia and Eritrea, this
spongy, sour flatbread is used to scoop up
meat and vegetable stews. Injera also lines
the tray on which the stews are served,soaking
up their juices as the meal progresses

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